This report and criticism of the media’s London riots makes me think about the usefulness of online journalism tools like Storify.

A tool like Storify could have been implemented on major news network websites to display an assortment of Facebook images, comments and tweets et al from eyewitnesses, members of the public experiencing the madness and terror of the London riots firsthand.

Storify allows a user to glue together “social stories” by using bits of social media to create a narrative. Choose a topic, search for it on Twitter or Facebook, and piece together images, quotes and links on your topic page to create a stream of related information.

The Daily Beast use it commonly, but I think most effectively with breaking news that garner arresting images

The downside is none of the information is fact-checked, unless a journalist follows up every single post, Storify must be accepted as unverified. This draws journalistic tenets of accuracy and trustworthiness into question.

Using Storify as an adjunct to traditional journalistic storytelling which is fully fact-checked and thoroughly edited for accuracy and balance, Storify allows for news network to blend citizen journalism and present a more holistic narrative inclusive of wider-reaching viewpoints.

Would have been useful with the London riots me thinks!


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