The New York Times needs to socialise more

While “The Grey Lady” remains the stronghold of legacy media and a symbol of traditional newspaper journalism, but the New York Times has worked to (gradually) incorporate new media and fought to survive the digital news revolutionary period. It’s the leading example of the online news metered paywall model and the world is watching, and counting on them.

If anyone has seen the 2011 documentary Page One, it is obvious that the NYT is deeply considering how to move forward relevantly and profitably in the digital media age without alienating its mature demographic or debasing their thorough and trusted news gathering techniques.

But it’s a slow process. How do you motivate a newsroom of veteran print journos to digitise, jump on Twitter, and share their most flippant ideas in 140 characters when many can remember a time when the first computers were invented?

A recent GigaOm article by Matthew Ingram (mildly) criticises NYT’s attempt to harness social media and online community engagement. The recent hiring of a new Public Editor Margaret Sullivan at NYT has motivated Ingram to ask why all news team editors aren’t engaging with their readers in the way Sullivan does – on Twitter, through commentary, hash tags, in the blogosphere – as she works to gauge sentiment and act as the readers’ advocate.

Shouldn’t every journalist be using social media in their day-to-day work anyway?

Great article. Good comments! Worth a read.

*GigaOm: The NYT doesn’t need one public editor, it needs a hundred


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