As the print news industry wanes could data-driven journalism create a new way for investigative reporters to be relevant to society in the digital age?

News Burger

If Tim Berners-Lee is to be believed, the news stories of the future will be found not so much by talking to a  source in a bar, but by interrogating relationships in data. Developing the skills needed to understand and manipulate data – to uncover it, interpret it, and then share it with an audience – promises to re-imagine the scope and scale of what journalism can do.

Some journalists have taken to this new means of storytelling with zeal. Others are concerned that it is yet another skill they have to master in an industry where they already feel the pressure of having to do more with less time. Others still are nonplussed by the term itself – after all, isn’t “normal” journalism already data-driven?

One such person practising data-driven journalism in Australia is Sharona Coutts. After three years with the Pulitzer Prize-winning news organisation ProPublica, Sharona has launched the…

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