Depressing print newspaper figures reiterate their decline

Print newspaper readership is diminishing and digital subscriptions are on a very slight increase.  Roy Morgan readership statistics and Audit Bureau Circulation (ABC) figures released this week show that majority of Australian newspapers, 48, declined in readership while only six increased.

The September quarter figures also show that News Limited saw print circulation for its metropolitan mastheads decline 3.89%, compared with a 15.66% drop for Fairfax, according to the ABC. The two publishing powerhouses are administering different restructure plans, News Ltd has remained loyal to pushing their stable of print newspapers, while Fairfax began closing print presses months ago.

The singular, mildly positive piece of news from these circulation figures are that News Ltd’s The Australian claim their digital subscription numbers have risen 16%. The September quarter is the first time the national newspaper has revealed their digital figures since introducing the subscription earlier this year.

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