This blog is by an online journalist and producer residing in Sydney, endevouring to make sense of the rapidly evolving media landscape. The author, Sacha Vukic, graduated from the University of Sydney in 2004 with a BA Media & Communications degree and has worked primarily in digital media ever since, over the years gaining exposure to print newspaper and magazine publishing, as well as broadcast newsrooms.

Originally inspired by the June 2012 restructure announcements from the two largest print/ digital publishers in Australia, Fairfax and News Ltd, this blog will cover the effects of the cutbacks on the Australian media industry and critically analyse its ability to provide a healthy fourth estate thereafter.

This blog will also follow how journalists and publishers are developing upon digital news production methods currently in use and imagining, as well as planning for, fully-fledged, profitable digital newsrooms.

As first published in my initial blog post, here are some questions I’ll be considering with this blog:

How will the news media replace the traditional and well-practised processes of print journalism’s investigative newsrooms in a digital age, when it can’t turn enough profit in the new medium?

How are publishers going to find revenue to pay the writers, fact-checking sub-editors, producers if news consumers are so comfortable with getting their news for free online? Will they pay for original online news?

Is this the death of print or is there still a place, albeit a smaller space, for newspapers and magazines?

How will Fairfax’s recently realigned “digital first” news publishing model fare as it pushes to integrate its print, mobile and online platforms?

How will the current consolidation A.K.A reduction of news gathering operations affect the quality and diversity of news content in Australia?

How will the concept of journalism, the processes of and industry surrounding journalists, develop and survive post-print?

Read the first post ‘Welcome to PostPrint’


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